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Miner's Pass
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Trick or Treater

Phew! I am tired now. I just want to go home, my pumpkin is heavy, my hat won't stay on. 

This is the top of a new box I painted.  The I have painted with my halloween paisleys.

Click here to go to the auction to view this box

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is my first witch doll. She is so pretty. Samantha is dressed for her coming out party and she came with her cat, Desire. Jenny from 
Wonders of Whimsy has been mentoring me on these dolls and I love it.  I am so excited, I am already on my 3rd doll.  I hope to bring at least one doll a week and truly hope that I can actually make some money.  She will be listed on E-bay this evening at 8 pm mountain time.  Click here to view her auction.

Angel Doll

I decided to wait to put my angel doll back on Ebay until I had my witch doll finished.  I added some gold German glass glitter to my angel's wings and lowered the price, including shipping.  I hope she sells!!! Click here for her auction.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Witch Doll

Here is a sneak peek at my witch doll I've been working on. Jennifer @ Wonders of Whimsy had been my mentor. I wanted to get into sculpting and making dolls is definitely an avenue. My skills as a painter as well as my designer skills are in use. When it comes to stitching, I'm better at witching. Jen has been showing me how to do everything. I will be putting Samantha up on Ebay this Tues. Sept. 22nd.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Scary Sam and Very Scary Paisley

Now for some  Halloween paintings. Here my beloved kitty Sam posed for me. I am putting this on Ebay tomorrow. This is a shout out to my friend Jenny @ Wonders of Whimsy. She has been such a great teacher. With her help I am making a witch doll which will be available soon on Ebay as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Beautiful Doll

Introducing my first doll!  She will be available on E-bay tonight, click here to view.  I am so thrilled.
Jennifer Carter of Wonders of Whimsy has really shown me the ropes. She helped me make this. We start out with just a cloth pattern. After we stuff it, you take paper clay and form the face. The day she helped me first use the paper clay was so much fun. To get it to the finished doll took a lot of work. What I love about it is I can use my 2-d painting skills on a 3-d piece. I will be thinking about a sewing machine. I have to go now, I'm starting a witch. Thanks  Jen!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is my blue point Siamese kitten that was rescued by my friend Jenny Carter at Wonders of Whimsy. He now enjoys the good life. So many cats are loose on the streets of Denver. Jenny has saved so many little lives it is amazing. It is so important to get your pets spayed and neutered. It prevents unwanted suffering. 
The following paintings are available on my ebay

This beauty  is the black sheep of the litter. He lives a good life now. My paintings are 5"x7" acrylic on canvas board. The Sylvester kitten is a 5"x5" acrylic on canvas board.

This painting has all the festive coloring of a Halloween decoration.

This is the seal point Siamese kitten that is the brother of the tuxedo. Thanks to Jen, this kitten enjoys a chance at a good life. 

This is my Felix, Sylvester, Tuxedo kitten. Jenny at Wonders of Whimsy saved his little naughty butt. Look out if you are a mouse. This kitten is ready to pounce. She took these wild babies and socialized them. They now live with good families.

Monday, August 10, 2009

While visiting the Denver Zoo last week with my G-kids, I was able to get some shots of the flamingos. They were all sleeping with their butts to the crowds except for these two. I'm getting them ready for Stella's the coffee house. Jen @ Wonders Of Whimsey and I want to use my paintings for a children's book about the Denver Zoo. I have started some of the images that we need.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is my ostrich face. He is seen strutting around with the Zebras at the Denver Zoo. They have this black and white theme going on. 
THis is a 6"x6" acrylic on canvas board.

Monday, June 29, 2009

This is Mimi. She's been at the Denver Zoo for a long time. She is good natured and sweet. This an acrylic on canvas board 8"x8".

Meow! I mean grrr. It's time for Stella's Coffee House in Denver on South Pearl. I've been doing a Denver Zoo series.  This is an acrylic on canvas 16"x24". It will hang about 6 weeks.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is Lea's cat. I don't know her name. She does capture the heart of my brother who is a big burly guy. He asked me to paint his cats. 
This is a 10x8 acrylic on canvas.

Wild Thing! This is my brother's cat. They named him Wild Thing. And he is. If you are a bunny chances are not good if you live near Wild Thing.

This is a 10x8 acrylic on canvas.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is my Sunny. I lost her this week. We are sad. She was a delight. Unabashedly cheerful. She was always glad to see me. I got her from some people who no longer wanted her. I had acquired another cockateel from someone who could no longer care for the bird. I thought the best thing would be to find a companion for her. I have to say that "T-Bird" was slightly disappointed when I brought her Sunny. She wanted a boy bird. They never truly got along but tolerated each other. I built them an aviary they shared with two parakeets. It turns out Sunny loved the parakeets better than TBird. She and TBird would compete for my affection. They secretly liked each other just fine. We think Sunny had an accident and crashed into the wall. She was such an angel. We buried her under a baby box elder tree we planted today. I listened to "Free Bird" Lynyrd Skynyrd today in memory of her. I picture her being born (hatched) again as a free bird. Free to fly away in the sky.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Salacious Morning
I donated this to the 7th Annual Wine and Arts Classic at the Arvada Center. It was presented at the auction table. I do believe some one walked away with it that night. They better be careful, it was still wet. 
The Nite Lite Vandals play this weekend at Glenns in Northglenn CO. May 23th from  4pm to 8pm. Come meet Sadie Vandal my twin.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here is Denver Cheetah. He is going to Stella's with Denver Lion. It's an acrylic on canvas 18" x 12". I want to do more Denver Zoo. The lion and the cheetah are going Wednesday morning May 13th

Monday, May 11, 2009

It seems like a ling time. I've been busy but finally I was able to get some work done. Especially with a couple of dead lines. Stella's coffee house changes art on May 13th. Some one bought my Peacock painting and a painting of an ostrich I did. I've been going to the zoo in Denver with my son and his kids. I take bazillian pictures when ever I'm there. So I started painting the locals at the zoo. The lion is so beautiful. It was like he posed for me. He's 11"x14" acrylic on canvas. I have to get back to work. There is a Cheetah I'm  trying to finish!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sandy's framed and ready. I am donating this painting to The Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance. Their auction is in April. 

 I never have much to give money wise so I am glad to do it. Jesus take the wheel. The mistress of the house says to the maid,"Could you get that spot?"
I have no gifts to bring Pa rump pa pa pum.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I said yes to a set painting job At the Denver School for the Arts. It took me a few weeks to finish. I will get some fotos to show off the set.  I have spent more time being a granny nanny. This is Korben. He is almost 4 months. He's pretty precious. I am helping my son who stays home in the morning with the kids. I arrive a little after noon to watch the babies while he goes to work. So from 12:30 to six pm, I take care of the kids. It is a wonderful time.
I have the morning to work on paintings. It seems I might be very busy soon. I might have said yes to painting The Stations of the Cross for my church. Yikes! That is a large undertaking. More later...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Denver Elephant
Here is one of the Denver Zoo's elephants. I love them dearly. Denver has two lady elephants. I get impatient with zoos. I think Denver tries. It is a nice zoo. I think the keepers take the fine ladies for a walk in the early morning before the zoo opens. 

The You tube video is of my band a few years ago. My friend Sean(guitar player in video) and myself have since formed another band. We will be playing at Owlsey's in Denver March 23rd. We are called the Nite Lite Vandals, or NLV. We do lots of covers but we have several originals through out the sets. We have a lot  of fun. Currently NLV is going to make a video. Maybe by May.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Peacock should be considered the most beautiful bird on the planet if not the most spectacular. Here is my new friend
  "Cocky the Peacock".
He is magnificent. The challenge is to capture that awesomeness. He possesses some of my favorite colors. He glimmers and sparkles. I can not even come close!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here is my Sandy! He is a fine example of what the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Foundation does. He lives happily under my house, an old Victorian near downtown Denver. I have been providing for him for almost three years now. Someone had captured him in a trap and lovingly got him neutered and vaccinated and let him go. He is a feral and will not approach me. Let's just say he and I have an understanding. Live and let live.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chelsea Fox
Here is Chelsea Fox. 
Bewildered and wondering how she ended up here. She loves dogs better than cats. I brought her inside when she came to me as the temperatures plummeted last November. No one has posted any signs that she is missing. I will post some signs to see if anyone is looking for her. She is a spayed female maybe a few years old.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here are my other two paintings for Stella's coming up February 12. They are both acrylic on 10" x 8". "Arther and The Velvet Stars" and "CAW".

I have relisted my four seasons in birds. I have lowered the price. Ipainted 4 paintings this week. they were all for Stella's Coffee House on South Pearl in Denver. I have two vistas of my Denver. One is a close up view like I see where I live. The other is a little further out at Stapleton where my son and his family live. They are both 30" x 12", oil on wrapped canvas. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009


"Winter, spring , summer, and fall.
All you have to do is call. I'll be there, yes I will, I'll be there."
I look at those 4 birds and I hear James Taylor. The whole time I painted them I could hear James Taylor. 
I feel like double mint gum. She's an impressionist, she's an expressionist, she's a realist, no she's really a surrealist. 
Okay, maybe more like Sybil.

Some one asked me to paint the 4 
seasons in birds. I thought she was communicating with Joan the realist.
Joan the impressionist expressionist
apparently had been vacationing in who gives a s*** about art.