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Miner's Pass
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is my Sunny. I lost her this week. We are sad. She was a delight. Unabashedly cheerful. She was always glad to see me. I got her from some people who no longer wanted her. I had acquired another cockateel from someone who could no longer care for the bird. I thought the best thing would be to find a companion for her. I have to say that "T-Bird" was slightly disappointed when I brought her Sunny. She wanted a boy bird. They never truly got along but tolerated each other. I built them an aviary they shared with two parakeets. It turns out Sunny loved the parakeets better than TBird. She and TBird would compete for my affection. They secretly liked each other just fine. We think Sunny had an accident and crashed into the wall. She was such an angel. We buried her under a baby box elder tree we planted today. I listened to "Free Bird" Lynyrd Skynyrd today in memory of her. I picture her being born (hatched) again as a free bird. Free to fly away in the sky.


Jenny said...

Awe!!! You should paint that picture, she looks good against that blue wall. I had fun hanging for a while with ya last week **SMIRK** We'll have to do it again, maybe get some of your blog finished too~

crow productions said...

Thanks, Jen. Look for me in the afternoon.LOL