Miner's Pass

Miner's Pass
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is my blue point Siamese kitten that was rescued by my friend Jenny Carter at Wonders of Whimsy. He now enjoys the good life. So many cats are loose on the streets of Denver. Jenny has saved so many little lives it is amazing. It is so important to get your pets spayed and neutered. It prevents unwanted suffering. 
The following paintings are available on my ebay

This beauty  is the black sheep of the litter. He lives a good life now. My paintings are 5"x7" acrylic on canvas board. The Sylvester kitten is a 5"x5" acrylic on canvas board.

This painting has all the festive coloring of a Halloween decoration.

This is the seal point Siamese kitten that is the brother of the tuxedo. Thanks to Jen, this kitten enjoys a chance at a good life. 

This is my Felix, Sylvester, Tuxedo kitten. Jenny at Wonders of Whimsy saved his little naughty butt. Look out if you are a mouse. This kitten is ready to pounce. She took these wild babies and socialized them. They now live with good families.

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