Miner's Pass

Miner's Pass
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here is my Sandy! He is a fine example of what the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Foundation does. He lives happily under my house, an old Victorian near downtown Denver. I have been providing for him for almost three years now. Someone had captured him in a trap and lovingly got him neutered and vaccinated and let him go. He is a feral and will not approach me. Let's just say he and I have an understanding. Live and let live.


Jenny said...

OH SANDY!!! When I see him, I tease him and say "here Felix" in hopes he comes over...I am sure he misses his buddy. He never takes the bate, though. He is too smart!! lol

I am so glad that he has a very safe place under your house. I wish I could get some of those other kitties to find someplace like that.

Pease Porridge said...

This is so beautiful. It looks much like my Foster too. You paint animals sooo beautifully.