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Monday, March 2, 2009

Denver Elephant
Here is one of the Denver Zoo's elephants. I love them dearly. Denver has two lady elephants. I get impatient with zoos. I think Denver tries. It is a nice zoo. I think the keepers take the fine ladies for a walk in the early morning before the zoo opens. 

The You tube video is of my band a few years ago. My friend Sean(guitar player in video) and myself have since formed another band. We will be playing at Owlsey's in Denver March 23rd. We are called the Nite Lite Vandals, or NLV. We do lots of covers but we have several originals through out the sets. We have a lot  of fun. Currently NLV is going to make a video. Maybe by May.


Jenny said...

A blog award has been created in my name. I have passed it on to you. There are no rules, but it is a very special award, so come take a look at http://allycat-rescue.blogspot.com/

Blessings to you!


Jenny said...

I have bestowed you with a Kreative Blogger award. Do with it what you will hon!~~

crow productions said...

Thanks Jen... I appreciate your support!

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Joan,Just got though listening to you and your band.Wonderful.You sing beautifully.You play quite well also.
Love the elephant.Still love your peacock best.Hugs Marie Antionette

crow productions said...

Thank you, Marie. I want to paint more peacocks. I need to get a few pictures of some fan displays. All the birds at the zoo were not showing off! :-)