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Miner's Pass
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy elves. Making Christmas presents. This is Boo. My sister in law, Beth wanted her dog in a portrait. Let me tell you about Boo. Last summer Boo got spooked by fire crackers. She took off like a bat out of h.... I mean a bat cave. I joined in the campaign to find her, signs, posters, news paper adds, what ever way we could. Boo is part Saluki and she is the fasted thing on wheels. First days, then weeks went by, no Boo. Her people knew to put an ID chip in her shoulder because about six weeks later they got a call that the animal control had picked her up. Don't give up hope, I would tell her. This story had a happy ending!
I found the canvas at Hobby Lobby. Regular frames for an oval were expensive. I looked around the store thinking there might be something that would work instead. Sure enough I found this twig wreath for just a few bucks. I hope that Beth does not look at my blog at least until Christmas!

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